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Tinubu Aims for Nigeria to Lead Africa in Digital Innovation

Digital Technology at Heart of Nigeria's Future Growth Strategy

by Ikeoluwa Juliana Ogungbangbe
Nigeria digital innovation

President Bola Tinubu announced his administration’s ambition to position Nigeria at the forefront of digital technology in Africa. This revelation came during a significant meeting at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, where President Tinubu engaged with a high-profile delegation from Meta Platforms Incorporated, led by Sir Nick Clegg, the former UK Deputy Prime Minister and current President of Global Affairs at Meta.

President Tinubu outlined a comprehensive strategy to harness digital technology’s power, aiming to revolutionize small businesses, create expansive opportunities across various sectors, and establish Nigeria as the pinnacle of information and communications technology (ICT) on the continent. “Nigeria cannot afford to lag in the ongoing technological revolution,” the President asserted, highlighting his government’s commitment to unleashing the potential of information and communications technology through strategic investments, capacity building, and fostering global partnerships.

Central to President Tinubu’s digital agenda is the ambitious 3MTT programme, designed to equip three million Nigerian youths with critical digital skills and deploy them into innovation hubs nationwide. Tinubu emphasized the pivotal role of the youth in Nigeria’s quest for digital economic dominance, stating, “Our vibrant, gifted, and resourceful youth population is our most valuable asset as we strive towards a digitally-enabled future.”

The President’s message, articulated through a statement from his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Chief Ajuri Ngelale, conveyed Nigeria’s readiness to embrace global business collaborations aimed at leading digital innovation across Africa. “Data is crucial to our development, and we are poised to engage in technological advancements that promise mutual benefits,” Tinubu assured.

Highlighting the significance of technology in propelling small businesses forward, President Tinubu expressed his determination to leverage technological advancements to catalyze growth and foster mass prosperity. “Our focus is on utilizing technology to elevate micro businesses, creating a symbiotic environment for growth and profitability,” he remarked during his conversation with the Meta delegation.

Sir Nick Clegg, in response, expressed gratitude for President Tinubu’s executive order facilitating the landing of a Meta-backed deep-sea cable in Nigeria. He outlined the project’s vast potential, noting, “This extraordinary infrastructure will double the capacity of existing subsea cables and is expected to generate up to $37 billion in economic activity across Africa within a few years.” Clegg also revealed Meta’s plans to introduce a new feature on Instagram by June 2024, enabling Nigerian creators to monetize their content effectively.

Dr. ‘Bosun Tijani, Minister of Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy, acknowledged the pivotal role of Meta platforms in Nigeria, underscoring the importance of continued engagement and partnership to drive the nation’s digital economy forward. “Digital technology presents an unparalleled opportunity for Africa to connect with the global community and contribute to worldwide development,” he stated.

President Tinubu’s vision for Nigeria as a digital technology leader in Africa reflects a strategic commitment to leveraging the digital revolution for economic growth, innovation, and global competitiveness. With initiatives like the 3MTT programme and strategic partnerships with global tech giants like Meta, Nigeria is poised to realize its potential as a digital powerhouse on the African continent and beyond.

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