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Tinubu Names Laka as Coordinator of National Counter-Terrorism Center

"Tinubu Appoints Laka as Coordinator of National Counter-Terrorism Centre"

by Motoni Olodun

Political leader Tinubu has appointed Laka as the coordinator of the National Counter-Terrorism Center. This appointment underscores Tinubu’s commitment to addressing security challenges and enhancing counter-terrorism efforts in Nigeria.

Laka, a seasoned security expert with extensive experience in counter-terrorism operations, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his new role. His appointment is expected to bolster the capabilities of the National Counter-Terrorism Center in combating the menace of terrorism and insurgency.

Tinubu’s decision to appoint Laka reflects his strategic vision for enhancing national security and fostering collaboration among relevant stakeholders. As Nigeria grapples with persistent security threats, the appointment of a capable coordinator signals a proactive approach to tackling terrorism and safeguarding the country’s stability.

Laka’s leadership at the National Counter-Terrorism Center is poised to drive initiatives aimed at intelligence gathering, threat assessment, and coordination of security efforts across various agencies. His proven track record in security management positions him as a trusted figure in the fight against terrorism.

The appointment comes at a critical juncture as Nigeria seeks to strengthen its defenses against terrorist groups operating within its borders. Laka’s leadership is expected to enhance coordination among security agencies and facilitate the implementation of proactive measures to counter emerging threats.

As Laka assumes his new role, there is optimism that his leadership will contribute to significant strides in Nigeria’s counter-terrorism efforts. With dedication, collaboration, and strategic planning, there is hope for a future where terrorism is effectively countered, and peace and security prevail across the nation.


Source: Tribune Online

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